Introducing Alert 360. Imagine your life... better

Our Alert 360, Alert 360 Ultimate and Video Solutions keep you and your family secure and connected. We can help you easily – and remotely – manage your home using your smartphone, tablet or PC and stay connected to what matters most to you.

With Central Security Group, your security and home automation solutions are based on your needs and lifestyle so that we can work together to design the perfect system for you. Thanks to our advanced technology and products, the possibilities are almost endless. We can help you:

Capture the big picture of your life – drop in on what's important

  • img Receive image alerts via text or email when your child arrives home from school
  • img See what your beloved pet is up to while you’re away
  • img Ensure elderly parents are safe in their homes
  • img Know when important packages are delivered
  • img Identify guests or uninvited visitors
  • img Check in on babysitters, contractors, etc.

Enjoy modern comforts and convenience – at home or away

  • img Turn lights on before you arrive home to light your way
  • img Adjust the temperature while away, so your home is comfortable when you arrive
  • img Turn off appliances if you forgot in your everyday rush out the door

Stay safe – we’ll help protect sensitive areas or call for help when you can't

  • imgWe'll contact the fire department if smoke or heat is present
  • img We'll alert you or authorities if dangerous levels of carbon monoxide are present
  • img We'll let you know when water is present or temperatures change drastically

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Alert 360: Automate + Secure Your World


Energy savings

Convenient remote control of your lights, locks, thermostat and more saves you time and money


Live video

Drop in when you can't be there and see what's happening or who's visiting


Severe weather alerts

Receive advance warning when your property or family is in the line of danger


Advanced interactive services

Stay connected to your home and family with user-friendly mobile apps, customized text or email alerts


Two-way voice

Communicate directly with our Monitoring Center through your Alert 360 control panel, after an alarm activation


Water management

Receive alerts and reduce damage when water is detected