Color, HD Cameras with Local and Cloud-based Video Storage

Secure your Business with High-Quality Cameras and Redundant Video Recording

Guardian Security Systems' latest commercial video service, Alert 360 Video, provides business owners with:

  • Orange Arrow Bullet The same high-quality HD security cameras used in school districts, airports, government facilities, prisons and casinos
  • Orange Arrow Bullet Award-winning cameras, with built-in SD card for storing HD video
  • Orange Arrow Bullet Cameras from the company that invented the network camera
  • Orange Arrow Bullet one of the most bandwidth-friendly options on the market, requiring no DVR
  • Orange Arrow Bullet A comprehensive mobile security app with enhanced features, including a slider bar for viewing recorded video and selecting video clips to be e-mailed or stored on any device
Complete Business Security

Taking your office security monitoring to a new level, our Alert 360 Video system provides mobile app control, web-interface convenience, and more camera options. Simply, use your smartphone, tablet or desktop to stream and view encrypted, live, or recorded video from one or multiple office locations – even if your Internet connection is interrupted.

Premier Cloud-based + On-Camera Video Storage Benefits

The Alert 360 Video monitoring system combines high-quality surveillance cameras from Axis with our hosted video service for 24/7 cloud recording, back up storage, and live streaming. Ideal for commercial, small business, off-site and high-value asset protection, this HD video surveillance system is:

More Secure


Uses tamper-proof, off-site video storage in the cloud, accessible from anywhere, plus a local SD card

Mobile Friendly


Remotely control cameras from your desktop, smartphone or tablet. View live video and recorded footage from all business locations through one intuitive app.

More Reliable


Avoid on-site hardware expense and maintenance, saving time and money

Flexible and Easy to Install


It's wireless and retrofits with existing analog cameras and DVRs if needed



Eliminates the need for an old-school DVR, which requires more maintenance and can be damaged or stolen. Redundant, cloud storage also prevents lost or stolen video.


Features of our Advanced Security Camera and Video Surveillance System

Guardian's Alert 360 Video monitoring system includes a wide selection of high-end cameras for continuous HD recording. Along with a full line of indoor, outdoor and wireless camera models, with infrared and night vision, Alert 360 Video provides:

  • Orange Arrow Bullet Easy Multi-Site Access Through a Single Account – Simple search and video sharing features provide quick access.
  • Orange Arrow Bullet 24/7 Cloud Recording for Tamper-resistant Protection – Video is encrypted and hosted offsite in multiple secure data centers and can be stored for up to 90 days. We also monitor the system to ensure it is working properly.
  • Orange Arrow Bullet Local SD Card – Seamlessly accessible with the mobile app and used in case the Internet connection is interrupted.
  • Orange Arrow Bullet Commercial-Grade Axis Cameras and Encoders – Automatically connect outbound to the cloud. Bypass the firewall and eliminate the need to configure port forwarding or static IP addresses on the network.
  • Orange Arrow Bullet Low Bandwidth Requirements – Upstream bandwidth required is 100kbit/s per camera.

How it Works

Alert 360 Video Cloud

Clear, HD Video + Mobile App Provide Visual Peace of Mind

Alert 360 Video makes it easier than ever to check in on your business operations and help ensure:

  • Orange Arrow Bullet employees are safe
  • Orange Arrow Bullet service is running smoothly
  • Orange Arrow Bullet store openings and closings occur on time
  • Orange Arrow Bullet sensitive areas are protected
  • Orange Arrow Bullet inventory and warehouses are secure

... and more

Ask us about Alert 360 Video as a standalone service or as part of our comprehensive commercial alarm monitoring – to keep you connected, protect employees, protect assets and reduce claims or loss.